Q: How much is rent?

A: The rent for the whole house is $20,000 per month. We split this cost as fairly as possible between the rooms and the occupants. Depending on the size and the amount of natural light, most rooms are in the $1,000 - $1,500 range. Some of our smaller or darker rooms are priced at $700-900.

Q: Can I share a room with my partner / child / friend?

A: We’re definitely open to it! However, because the house feels more full the more folks share rooms, we ask for an additional fee for double-occupation ($400 for adults, $150 for children).

Q: What additional costs should I expect?

A: We all pay for a share of the communal food, utilities, cleaning services, and other house expenses. Our house fee is $500 per adult and $300 per child.

Q: Is the house wheelchair accessible?

A: Unfortunately, the second and third level can only be accessed by stairs.

Q: Why do you require background checks for applicants?

A: For the safety of the kids in the house, every adult must submit a background check before moving in. Background checks are also a requirement if any child from the foster system moves in.

Q: What’s the deal with the shared food? Can I opt out?

A: We all pay for an equal share of an abundance of shared food. On a weekly basis we bring in bulk, healthy produce and other goods, as well as all of the ingredients that we need to cook delicious meals and treats for each other. You’re free to supplement this with your own food purchases, but we hope you won’t have to. We accommodate a number of different dietary needs across diverse preferences. Sharing food is an essential and non-negotiable part of our culture.

Q: What about parking?

A: Unfortunately our house does not have a garage for parking. It is generally easy to find street parking nearby, though cars need to be moved occasionally for street cleaning. Because of our central location, many of our housemates enjoy a car-free life!

Q: Is there a garage or basement to store my bikes / kayak / burning man art project?

A: We do not have a garage or basement to store personal items. We have a secure open-air space in our yard to store bicycles and a few spots in a covered hallway.